Dance + Whole Foot

52 days of Self-Care to improve the quality of your life + 52 Nia Moves for Health. Fitness. Power. Beauty.

I was a pre-teen when I ran across the saying‘DANCE YOUR HEART OUT’. Using my newly acquired calligraphy skills, I decorated a piece of paper with this life mantra and affixed to the wall in my childhood bedroom.  From it’s prominent location this advise guided me skillfully through my teen years and into my young adult life.  Why in the world did I ever walk away from dancing?  It made my heart sing; brought tears to my eyes; provided a venue for cathartic expression.  It wasn’t until grief dropped me back into my body that I rediscovered the healing qualities of Dancing Through MY Life!

Today’s Self-Care Card: DANCEth

Daily choice/action: Step into the light ~ Share your gifts and talents with the whole world.

Inspired by: Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Cards

Share: With one foot firmly rooted, what dance are you stepping into today?

Nia Move: Whole Foot

Daily practice: Stand on both feet. Sense your entire foot as the foundation of your body. Be aware of three points on the bottom of your foot – the center of your heel, the inner edge of the ball of your foot, and the outer edge of your foot. Say the word root or melt to emphasize a deep connection to the earth. Take Whole Foot technique for a walk. Stop on one foot or both. When balancing on one whole foot simultaneously notice the sole of your airborne foot. Spring load your knee (soft, not locked knee joint) and settle into the edges of your foot. Imagine leaving an imprint of your foot in the sand. Practicing Whole Foot stimulates sensation in the foot and ankle, making it possible for you to move in agile and safe ways.

excerpted from: The Nia Technique by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas

Share: What does feeling grounded mean to you?

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