Wait + Cross Behind

52 days of Self-Care to improve the quality of your life + 52 Nia Moves for Health. Fitness. Power. Beauty.

“Wait for it. Waaaaait fooooor iiiiiiiiiit …” unknown

Quan Yin ~ Observer of All Sounds

Through my Nia practice I learned of a system to integrate meditation into my life. The system in named RAW and “is an acronym for relaxed (body), alert (mind), and waiting (spirit).” [excerpted from: The Nia Technique by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas]  My practice of integrating these states has increased my ability to be a compassionate & empathic listener.  Living in this state as much as possible, opens me up to deep, respectful listening … of all sounds, conversations, encounters, etc.

Try it ! RELAX ~ your body’s muscles. Silence your inner dialogue, attune your mind ~ like a cat who’s on ALERTWAIT ~ rest into expectation and patience.

Self-Care: WAIT

Daily choice/action: Honor your resistance ~ Sometimes no action is the best action of all.

Inspired by: Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Cards

Share: Where are you noticing resistance? Will you wait or not?

Nia Move: Cross Behind

Daily practice: Move one foot behind placing the ball of your foot on the ground, crossing your ankles as if making a small “x”. Keep your back heel high with knees soft (bent). Repeat with your other foot. Practice making the same shape this time lengthening the back leg to affectively rise up. Cross Behind develops mobility and stability in your legs which aids more efficient movement.

excerpted from: The Nia Technique by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas

Share:  What strikes you as you practice this move?

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