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Connection + Chest Isolations

52 days of Self-Care to improve the quality of your life + 52 Nia Moves for Health. Fitness. Power. Beauty.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.”   Brene Brown

It was the Fall of 2000, my husband of 16 years had just passed away unexpectedly. I felt like I’d been submerged in a ‘cold plunge’. Emotionally soaked & fogged over at the same time, my brain was left alert by the shock of this life event. One evening a co-worker stopped me to talk. I experienced her words like I’d never experienced a conversation before. It was as though our exchange was electric. Not, electric like ‘wow, what a great conversation’ but electric like every cell in my body was on high alert collecting and recording every detail of our exchange. It the first time in years, no decades, I’d been fully present in my body with all my senses electrified at once. The exchange left me feeling ALIVE. I never wanted to miss another detail of life, precious life again! Looking back – I now describe that event as ‘an embodied event‘. It wasn’t long, six months of so, before I sensed the fog of grief lifting. It was getting easier to fall back into my habit of living life more cerebrally, less full hearted & physical. Dancing, and in particular practicing Nia, has given me a process to sustain staying connected to sensations, smells, sight, sounds, even the unique taste of the many moments that make up my life. My desire to live life electric propels me to connect authentically and vulnerably – often.



Daily choice/action: Connect with someone special ~ A loved one is a gift to treasure.

Inspired by: Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Cards

Share: What developed from consciously connecting?

Nia Move: Chest Isolations

Daily practice: Gently move your rib cage in all directions, placing your hands on your ribs or out in space. Move only your ribs. Move your rib cage front and back, left and right, tilt it, rotate it, slide it, tip it, open it, twist it, extend it and circle it. Focus on both rhythmic and fluid movements. Practicing Chest Isolations will keep your spine flexible and mobile plus engage the muscles of your core to increase strength and improve your posture.

excerpted from: The Nia Technique by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas

Share: What resulted from connecting with your Chest in an isolating fashion?

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