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A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance

Evidence based Fall Prevention programming

excerpt from http://www.capcog.org/divisions/area-agency-on-aging/services

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Programs provide older adults with the tools to maintain their health, reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases, and manage their health to live as independently as possible. Additionally, these programs help older adults to improve and/or maintain their physical and mental health, reduce their risk of falling, and better manage their chronic diseases. In addition, these programs provide information to help reduce the risk of falling as well as provide falls prevention training for instructors.

Fall Prevention

This program aims to help adults 60 and older reduce their risk and fear of falling through group discussion, problem-solving strategies and increase in physical activity.

A Matter of Balance, a fall-prevention class, comprises eight, two-hour sessions taught twice a week for four weeks or once a week for eight weeks.

Want to learn how to coach A Matter of Balance falls prevention classes in your community? It’s fun and rewarding. No teaching experience necessary. CAPCOG’s Area Agency on Aging provides free eight-hour training for coaches and training materials. You provide the time and desire to help prevent falls among seniors.

Learn more: http://www.capcog.org/divisions/area-agency-on-aging/falls-prevention