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Group classes are offered in a variety of locations around Austin, TX and beyond. Universal to each unique setting is a welcoming environment. all locations operate on a drop-in basis and have economical class passes as well. When you feel like practicing, just show up! Finding a convenient time and place to meet-up with like minded people makes it easy to develop a consistent practice.

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Class Descriptions

Tai Chi  Tai Chi is gentle exercise. The circular movements of Tai Chi are non-strenuous, soft and flowing. It is often described as “moving meditation” because it relieves stress and improves concentration. The slow turning motions loosen the joints and spine and relax points of tension in the body. Tai Chi trains the mind to direct the flow of internal energy Chi and breath Qi. (more)

Nia Technique  Nia will move you! Beyond the fun and solid aerobic workout, Nia classes focus on self-expression, healing and developing mindfulness. A dynamic cardiovascular workout that stimulates and integrates your body/mind/spirit and leaves you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and fully alive, Nia is for all levels of fitness. From the person who wants to start moving their body to the avid fitness buff, each class has options for all students, from beginner to advanced. (more)

Nia FreeDance  Experience the Art of Movement Creativity ~ Nia FreeDance classes provide an uninhibited environment for stimulating people’s uniqueness, creativity and self-expression using music and movement. Through somatic guidance students intentionally generate multidimensional creativity…that’s to say students create a physical, mental, emotional, & personally spiritual experience.

Nia 5 Stages  Nia 5 Stages is a path to health and wellness using the body’s natural developmental movements. Classes facilitators guide students through 5 simple movements. During this process Your Body instinctually follows its desire to improve physical comfort, to seek balance and pleasure while optimizing alignment. The  outcome leaves students feeling a greater sense of wholeness, and well-being. (more)

Nia 52 Moves  Nia 52 Moves class teaches you how to systematically condition your body by becoming your own conscious personal trainer. During class you will learn the basics of Nia Conditioning and how to get more from your workout including how to cultivate strength, flexibility, mobility, agility and stability while being expressive and creative. (more)