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Beginners Tai Chi Series     Maximum Martial Arts      Six Tuesdays Feb 21 -Mar 28

Nia Community JAM & Fellowship Lunch     Maximum Martial Arts & Arpeggio Grill   Sunday Feb 26

What is a NIA JAM?

It’s a collaborative CELEBRATION of the practice of Nia taught by several NIA teachers. Some new white belts, some experienced, some teaching for the first time ever!


Hands down, bare feet on the ground, it’s a level of FUN best experienced! See you there.

$15 or use your Maximum Martial Arts Nia class pass.

After dancing up a storm …. continue connecting to community following us down Ariport Blvd to Arpeggio Grill. www.arpeggiogrill.com/

Arpeggio will be serving up tasty food while we will stir up some delicious conversation!

DRAGON Routine Immersion   Austin, TX     Saturday April 29th 1-6pm  

Maximum Martial Arts  Register Julie.Wylie@NiaNow.com or call (512) 791-6597

Nature’s Full Moon Mindful Movement – Nia Experience & Labyrinth Walk

Sunday, March 12th 2017  7:00pm

A body in motion creates a balanced ecosystem – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

11942202_10200712872820391_3460267128220135122_oJoin others in the Unity Oaks Pavilion, just prior to the Full Moon Labyrinth Walk, for a mindful movement experience based in the awareness practice of the Nia Technique, led by Nia instructor Julie Wylie.

Release distractions, reconnect to your body’s natural wisdom, and receive that which is awaiting you.

Nia is a body-mind-spirit program incorporating cardiovascular fitness through kinesthetic dance/movement patterns. Nia blends Eastern and Western movements including Yoga, martial arts, dance, Tai Chi, and Aikido.

LOVE Donation

Houston, TX  Nia WHITE BELT Certification

7 day intensive with Julie Wylie & Helen Terry

March 30 – April 2 (Thursday 7pm – Sunday 6pm) and April 7 – 9 (Friday 9am – Sunday 3pm)

Register here

Conscious Alignment   March 11th  2-4:30pm Registration link:  Mind Body Yoga

The age old practice of Yoga is built on universal and ethical principles, personal discipline, postures, breathing techniques, concentration of the mind, and meditation. It is a science and a system for re-establishing and maintaining health. Practice becomes a way of life, training and transforming its practitioners. Through muscular contraction and expansion blossoms integrated balance and a greater ability to remain peaceful amidst the storm. Yoga invigorates the spirit.

When applied to Nia’s Finding Health Through Movement practice, Yoga enables the Nia practitioner to have a deeper understanding about relationships between bones, energy expenditure, posture as it relates to wellness and how the mind exists within the body. Similarly, Nia enables the Yoga practitioner to truly feel into the soul and move with the spirit in organic expression. The two together create a divine pairing to awaken and ignite the soul.This workshop will delve deeply into both worlds and create a bridge to facilitate each practice. Yoga + Nia enhance living.

NiaNow.comMeet the facilitators:

Believing curiosity and inspiration are key to optimal health, Julie combines her physiology training and a teaching passion that encourages feel-better choices.
Learn more: julieannwylie.com

Hooked on the calm created through a regular yoga practice, this native Austinite has an accumulated nearly 500 hrs of training to support her teaching.
Learn more: valeriegraceyoga.com

$30 online / $35 door

Introduction to Nia Technique   date TBA

Mind Body Yoga Austin  Register here

More than a workout!

This playshop is a peek at Nia’s Lifestyle Philosophy + Class for Beginners.

Nia movement classes combine dance choreography, martial arts movements, and mindfulness techniques, resulting in a revolutionary approach to fitness. Nia’s powerful synergy between music, movement and philosophy make people feel good and look good.

Nia puts joy back into fitness! Experience the sensation. Nia classes are 60 minutes, practiced barefoot, and suitable for people of all ages, levels of fitness, and skill levels.
Investment in Personal Health, Fitness, Power and Beauty   Event fee: $20

Beginners Nia Series   date TBA

Mind Body Yoga Austin  Register here

“An emotional fitness odyssey, Nia is just plain exhilarating.”
—The New York Times

Learn the fundamentals, basic moves, and core principles of Nia Technique. Start moving with confidence right away. Experience the secret to fitness!

Nia reduces stress, energizes and relaxes participants after just the first class. No experience? No problem! No coordination? No problem! No rhythm? No problem! Nia puts Joy back into fitness!

Nia movement classes combine dance technique with martial arts movements and mindfulness practices from the healing arts. Nia is the first cardio dance workout to bring mindfulness to group exercise. The unique fusion style of this barefoot practice has fundamentally changed lives through its evolutionary approach to fitness and self-healing for nearly 35 years.

Based on the simple idea that movement is the medicine of life, Nia is a fun creative pathway to health. Its adaptable to all ages and physical ability.

If you’ve been curious about Nia or if you’ve wanted to experience Nia, but have been self-conscious about joining an on-going class, this series is for you.

“This lyrical, dance-like routine is deceptively powerful, delivering a high-powered workout that will leave you strong and centered.”
—Health Magazine