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sharings from students:

“The answer to “What’s Nia” is probably never the same from any two people.  Here was the definition I shared in class recently: Do you remember how as kids we used to play and play and have such a great time and we would be hot and sweaty but no one thought of it as exercise?

It was just playing and fun and we never thought, “Now I need to go lift weights and run five miles”. Well, Nia feels exactly like that. It’s like playing with friends while having the time of your life.

There’s always this point that I think, “Huh? Why am I sweating?” Oh yeah! I’m working out- but it’s not working out. It’s playing and dancing and there’s no right or wrong because it’s all about joy.

The music is inspiring and you never feel like “Oh no- she’s on the left foot and I’m on the right”- or if you do, you remind yourself that it makes no difference.

It’s SO COOL and I could totally do an infomercial.”   Sandy K.


Nia is essential to my well-being.  Paula M.

Today’s workshop was charged, focused and rich with innocent energy for any participant; truly a Master Class. I am so impressed- and motivated. Ursula [Parks] and Julie [Wylie] offer so much experiential background, refinement and intense training to the floor. I miss the athleticism of the dance that you two offer. I am so, so grateful. That choice of music- Beatles LOVE???- was courageous and timely… (one old girl’s opinion…) You have something great here!! Your Dancer’s Hearts and disciplined practice serves everyone in the room, GoodWomen. Again- thankful- I need this now.  Rose B.

I would like these classes to continue as I feel they have helped my well being.  I have felt so much better.  Manuela G.

The Nia class helps me to feel that I’m still able to enjoy moving at a much older age.  I’m always energized after the class is over and I look forward to continuing for a long time.  Eleanor 

I love the class which makes me healthier.  When I exercise my mind is clear and at peace.  My joints have less pain after class.  The people are friendly and Julie and Pascal are very nice and patience to teach us.  Thank you very much for helping us to improve the body.  Kit 

It’s a “real” class no punches pulled, but a greater range of real women with different bodies and energy.  I think the two teacher format helps a lot.  One can demonstrate the l strenuous while the other carves the dance.  I was also impressed with the community, how it carried me along and how beautiful we were as pattern.  Mary

I have enjoyed the classes very much.  I feel more energetic and less stress.  I have talked to some of my friends about the Nia classes.  Thank you for bringing the classes to the Women’s Wellness Center.  Thank you, Ethel

Nia energizes me for the day.  It is very easy on the joints.  I have arthritis.  Beverly

Nia has been just wonderful for me.  Julie and Pascal bring such enthusiasm and positive energy.  I look forward to the classes all week.  I had been wanting to do this, but found some of the classes in town a little pricey for my student lifestyle, so these classes have been a tremendous gift.  I find exercising alone more difficult to motivate for, but exercising with all these other women-all ages & sizes- feels like a community event.  I’ve met people here who I would never have met in Austin, being tied pretty closely to the University.  It feels like such a positive way to bring wellness to the community.  Especially since Nia places emphasis on sending our love & good feelings out into the world-it’s a reminder of my connection to others that stays with me throughout my day.  Plus it feels great to have exercised!  Thank you.  Kirsten

Nia classes have been one of the most positive experiences in Austin.  As a graduate student this is one of the only times when I feel connected to the community.  In addition to the physical results I’ve noticed-feeling more flexible, strong and relaxed-I’ve met other women of all ages.  Because this has been such a great experience for me I have been telling other women about it & would love for more women to have the opportunity to share the same benefits of mind & body.  Kate

The Nia classes have inspired me to start moving again creatively and in a healthy safe way.  I am inspired by the movement the is created for anyone from athletic and lean to obese to elderly and frail.  It is wonderful to watch people become aware of their body and physically aware.  This starts happening outside of the classroom as well.  Nia teaches everything from how to move, walk, lift in a way that is synchronous to the body’s natural way.  All of these lead to healthier self, higher self esteem, body awareness and creativity.  These classes made available at the Women’s Center allowed me to experience this as I would not have been able to otherwise.  This is a real gift to the community and strongly encourage more people to experience Nia.  It is a really wonderful experience.  Michelle

Your heart is pounding….

You’re burning fat….

You’re strengthening your core….

You’re toning muscle….

You’re creative and expressive….

You’re relaxed and calm….

Your body is thanking you….

“Nia is designed for everybody seeking a dynamic movement practice based in Pleasure. There is no way to do Nia wrong! As long as what you are doing feels good – keep doing it; if what you’re doing doesn’t feel good – stop. Inspiring and nourishing to the experienced mover as well as novice; dancer as well as athlete; those recovering from injury/surgery as well as those aiming to increase strength & flexibility; those seeking stress relief or diagnosis relief as well as those losing weight….” Julie Wylie