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Personal Growth & Teacher Training

The Nia Technique is an expressive body-mind movement and lifestyle practice, integrating fitness and health. Nia creatively blends movements, concepts and philosophies from both Eastern and Western traditions.

By embracing the benefits of the healing arts, embody sensation, the backdrop upon which your practice takes place. Martial arts teach you to move with grace and fluidity while meditative techniques teach mindfulness, a powerful tool for self-discovery. Dance techniques teach you how to fully express. Integrative body therapies help you understand how to self-heal through awareness and alignment which improves function. Various psychological tools support the self-guided process, allowing students to become self-empowered and to take charge of their own growth and well-being – a transformational experience in and of itself.

Nia Technique is a recognized leader in the field of body-mind-spirit fitness training. Nia Intensive Trainings are offered in a variety of settings.


The first of Nia’s five levels of Intensive Training, the White Belt, is a week-long course which focuses on embodying body-mind-spirit basics and learning the elegant foundation of Nia. Take the training for personal growth, continue your education by signing up at the conclusion of your White Belt Training to become a Livelihood Member.  As a Livelihood Member you have access to ongoing and archived continuing education material and are lisensed to teacher Nia classes, Special Events and Workshops.

Thousands of people have trained in the Nia Technique, embarking upon a path of personal development and self-discovery, incorporating the body-mind-spirit techniques into their existing fitness, health and wellness practices. Regardless of what brings you to the Intensive Training, Nia Training offers wisdom, knowledge, personal and professional growth, self-empowerment and self-actualization.

What You Will Learn

The Nia White Belt Intensive is highly interactive and based on cognitive and experiential teaching models and the Nia principles themselves. You will study movement dynamics, mind-body physiology, kinesiology, choreography, music appreciation, physical and x-ray anatomy and more. You will also participate with other students in Nia classes to witness the power of the Nia Technique in practice and experience your own body responding to the principles of the Nia Technique.

Ongoing Support

Continue to feed your curiosity and fuel your excitement, enthusiasm and fascination for learning Nia. To that end, there are many Nia tools available in support of your path to personal and professional mind-body growth. As a Livelihood Member Nia training videos, online video taped classes and workshops, newsletters, mentoring conference calls, handouts, a personal URL on Nia’s website, plus more is offered for your inspiration. Plus an entire Nia staff is here to support you. Nia logos and original artwork for flyers, class forms, business cards, postcards, stationery and much more are also offered through the Livelihood Membership Package. Most of all, to succeed in fulfilling your personal dreams there is professional and friendly Nia staff to support you and a forum to chat with other teachers along your journey.

For more information or to register for a Nia training please visit www.NiaNow.com/Julie-Wylie