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Great for people who want to enjoy exercise!


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Great for people who want to learn and play!


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Great for people ready to dive deeper!



Dancing together with others, like yourself, changes the trajectory of your day, shifts your mood and reinforces your sense of connection. Come. Come. Come again.

Whether seeking to achieve a fitness goal, or to further your sense health and well-being, my passion is expressed in the business of the Body. Using Nia Technique, Tai Chi, Ageless Grace, A Matter of Balance or Nia 5 Stages restorative practice together we'll facilitate endless transformation.

A sensational way to commemorate. From birthday celebrations, to graduations, retirements, bridal showers, book club meetings, weekend get-aways, etc.... You dream it - I'll facilitate it. The sky is the limit. "I love Nia! It's a body, emotion, spirit CELEBRATION!" Christiane Northrup, M.D.

We are all teachers. You are already a teacher. Whether in the front of a Nia classroom or through another way you inspire those you influence, honing your skills will take your game to the next level. Skills that help one share clearly, effectively and with ease are learnable. Nia Technique Trainings provide tools to craft your unique message. Consciously share all that you are learning.

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