Action + Bow Stance

52 days of Self-Care to improve the quality of your life + 52 Nia Moves for Health. Fitness. Power. Beauty.

“To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”   Isaac Newton



I was talking with my friend, with my hands (and you KNOW how I do that!) recently while ‘driving down the highway’  … a young, agile motorcyclist passed me on the left, looked over his right shoulder as he pulled in front of me and then continued on over into the far right lane. He’s ridden bikes a long time, and knows that one well, his ‘ballet like’ grace and ease of movement was beautiful to watch. Unfortunately, just as he looked over his right shoulder through the front windshield of my car, he caught me gesturing to my friend with a sweeping open, upwardly facing palm gesture. I say unfortunately because his actions made it clear he’d assumed I was gesturing sarcastically at him.  Once he’d successfully moved into the far right lane he flipped his head around to make eye contact with me, through his shaded helmet, and mimic my gesture back to me.  Yikes, I attempted to explain with further sweeping hand gestures that his eyes had merely caught me mid-sentence, that my gesture was not his gesture.  None the less, I held my car back behind him so as not to appear threatening in the least.  As he slowed to take an off ramp, he gestured a peace sign toward me and I one back toward him.  Of course I have no idea how much of my telepathic explanation “landed” but, I do believe ALL ACTIONS AFFECT, including thoughts and feelings.  That day, I did my best to AFFECT positively. To Your Health, Julie

Self-Care: ACTION

Daily choice/action: Take action ~ The journey to find your lost self begins with one step.

Inspired by: Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Cards

Share: Consider what reaction opposed or resulted from an action?

Nia Move: Bow Stance

Daily practice: Stand with your feet about hip width apart, then step back onto the ball of your foot. Maintain your balance by keeping both knees slightly bent and the back heel high. This move builds power and agility. Press down into the ground with both feet while reaching upward through your spine. Repeat on the other side. This move provides excellent conditioning for dealing with changes in levels; as you descend or ascend notice the change in your body’s center of gravity.

excerpted from: The Nia Technique by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas

Share:  Considering your sense of agility, when responding to a recent choice to stop or start ‘something’ does your action feel crisp & clean or more sluggish?

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